Two systems - one goal:
Safe handling of your content

Our IETP-X browser system fulfills all requirements of ASD S1000D and in the future ATA iSpec 2200 and also contains program features tailored to our customers.

The Simplicio CMS / DMS is used for the administration of documentation projects and supports you in creating, managing and converting modular and XML-based documentation into various target formats.
Common Source Database (CSDB) Solution

Simplicio NXT

SIMPLICIO NXT is the result of 30 years of experience in software development, in integrated logistics support, technical publications and training aids development.

In traditional processes, technical publications, provisioning lists, LSA records and training courses were developed separately. This approach implies misalignment, lack of coherency and extra rework during the documentation lifecycle. SIMPLICIO NXT has been designed and developed in order to solve the secritical aspects concerning both the production and the management of technical publications as well as initial provisioning lists, LSA records and learning content.

SIMPLICIO NXT is the best and easiest way to produce, manage and deliver:

»  ASDS1000D XML Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP)
»  SCORM®Computer Based and Web Based Training Content (CBT/WBT)
»  ASDS2000M Initial Provisioning Lists (IPL)
»  ASD S3000L and MIL-STD-1388-2B Logistics Support Analysis Records (LSA-R)

The software is constantly being developed and regularly expanded with new modules and interfaces.We would be happy to advise you individually on the various uses, features and license models of the Simplicio Common Source Database (CSDB) solution.